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You Two Should Feel Very Lucky

Posted 26th April 2018

Trigger warnings
Violent suicidal ideation, body horror, incidents of ableism and body hate, and a masturbation scene

They spent a few hours in the hospital bed before a company man came around. “Huge, enormous pleasure to see you’re awake,” he said. His gaze mapped their body. From its new and strange position, Veen’s eye caught his, and he deigned to look embarrassed.


Three (Dancing Princes)

Posted 12th April 2018

Trigger warnings
Transphobic commentary, brief mentions of off-screen violence against children, and child abandonment.

The orphanage was going to be demolished on the morning of May 5. Igor wore his best black suit for the occasion, dressing for a funeral, because it was. The funeral of his past, or so he thought, sitting on the bench in front of the old building. Most people believed the construction to be the two-storey house of a middle class family, not an abandoned casa-lar; a small legal institution with the capacity of sheltering up to ten children, like the kid he once had been.



Posted 5th April 2018

Trigger warnings
Transphobia, deadnaming, racism (terms alluded to, but not used).

Returning to the place of her youth was something Sam swore she’d never do. Yet as the wheels of her Subaru kicked up a plume of red dust along the dry Oklahoma roads, she considered how the lens of childhood had tainted her memory. Most people seemed to recall only the good of a place. Yet on the drive from Houston to her family’s ancestral home, she’d whiled away the hours reliving the ache of growing up a square peg in a community of unaccommodating round holes.


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