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Posted 29th March 2018

Trigger warnings
Character death.

The knock on the door is quick and loud. I roll out of bed and fumble for the light switch so I can blind myself with fluorescence. Blinking back the black spots swarming my vision, I stumble to the door of my apartment and yank it open.

“Please, Kala, my son-” Mrs. Oteri takes a heaving breath. I’m not sure what is more disheveled, her hair or her clothes.

I’ve already started to follow her down the hallway as I answer. “I’m coming.”


Upon Your Marriage to a Redcap

Posted 23rd March 2018

Listen to your mother, but think before you follow her advice. Interspecies marriages are hard to maintain, and never survive without compromise. No one can outrun a redcap, nothing can stop her once she’s sighted prey. You’re brilliant; she loves you. If she chooses to kill you, you won’t be the exception.


Wend Your Way to the Willow (Part of the “Fae Horizons” universe)

Posted 16th March 2018

Trigger warnings
Mild homophobia in one scene

The sound of rustling willow leaves in the night was not unique, but it was one with which Maxine was intimately familiar.

Her feelings on the sound, of course, were mixed.

“You know,” Helena said, slipping down from her perch in the boughs to sit neatly on the roots. “There are other places to go on nights like these.”

Maxine closed her eyes and breathed in, and was relieved to find that the breath in question was only a little shaky.

A heavy arm, cold and slender, wrapped around her shoulders. “You should go.”

“I don’t want to,” Maxine said. “I just… I just want to stay here.”

“They’ll be looking for you.”

“I don’t care.” (more…)

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