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My Family is from Nowhere

Posted 3rd May 2018

Trigger warnings
Descriptions of physical violence (including domestic violence), homophobic language, and fatphobia

My family is from nowhere.

I wake up with the phrase in my head. It sits there, hanging over me, while I stumble around the flat, looking for my shoes. As I drive to work—the vast, iridescent Sydney sky gleaming above me—I’m enveloped by my own private, impenetrable fog.

The phone rings as I’m parking the car. It’s a journalist. Can he ask me a few questions?

“No,” I reply.

“What was your brother like as a child?”


You Two Should Feel Very Lucky

Posted 26th April 2018

Trigger warnings
Violent suicidal ideation, body horror, incidents of ableism and body hate, and a masturbation scene

They spent a few hours in the hospital bed before a company man came around. “Huge, enormous pleasure to see you’re awake,” he said. His gaze mapped their body. From its new and strange position, Veen’s eye caught his, and he deigned to look embarrassed.


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